Saturday, February 21, 2015

Student Engagement 101: Beyond Substitution

Since we've been off for Snowmageddon 2015, we've had a lot of time to talk about things that are important to us.  One of those topics is student engagement.  

While this is a blog about technology in the classroom, our number one passion is student engagement.

Really, student engagement can occur whether you have devices or not.  

It is our responsibility to engage our students in their learning.  Gone are the days when students could thrive in a skill and drill environment.  Gone are the days where students could sit for long periods of time without movement.  

We're not saying we need to be doing cartwheels all day to keep our students entertained, but it is our responsibility to make sure that our instruction is as effective as possible.

We know there is a need for students to practice key skills learned to show mastery.

But let us pose this challenge:  Instead of having students practice key skills by using a worksheet- what if we have our students create to show mastery.

Since our students have been 1:1, they might come home with 2-3 papers at the most.  We have made a shift to student creation to demonstrate mastery, and we think everyone is learning effectively.

In this series of posts, we will highlight some of our favorite student creation apps and how we use them in our classrooms to enhance our curriculum.

 Book Creator
The Best of the Rest!

We are looking forward to highlighting our favorite apps with you.

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