Monday, August 15, 2016

Mystery Bag Challenges *Freebie

This year our school implemented a 25 minute "Boost" period intended for enrichment and intervention for our students.  As a digital literacy teacher, I have thought a lot about this extra bit of time and how I want to spend it with my students.  Though I will likely employ a lot of strategies during this time, I know that I always want to keep it creation based!

In order to keep this extra period organized and easy prep, I've created some Mystery Bag challenges that I will use each week with my students.  These challenges are also perfect for fun Fridays, morning work, classroom parties, and more.  I feel they are extremely flexible for grade levels.  Don't have all the supplies on hand? Just use what you have!  I've included the file for these challenges and some photos that make it self-explanatory!


This photo shows the contents of each bag for the Pom Pom Launcher activity.  If you don't have enough masking tape or scissors to go around, just leave a tub of those on a supply table for students.  I even kept the masking tape roll on my arm and students had to come to me to receive their tape (saves on waste). 
Simple brown bags make this activity inexpensive. I printed and laminated my direction cards and stapled them to the bags.  Want something more durable? Try using laminated gift bags or even cheap Dollar Tree tubs.  I can now fold these flat and store them for next year. 

Groups had to first read directions.  I did not provide them with extra directions! This was difficult for some groups.  Keeping groups small is important for these mini-challenges.  In order to add tech, have one person document the group's work in a simple PicCollage or movie. We kept this challenge simple and to the point.  

I gave them 15 minutes to complete and test their launchers.  Then we went in the hallway and had a small contest to see which group's launcher was most successful!  You can see one group's launcher below.                                                      

Download the file here and 

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