Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Student Voice: Why Every Student Deserves Digital Access

Today I am turning over the keys to my blog and putting my students in the driver's seat.  As we learn about digital access and what it truly means to be a GLOBAL citizen, I am leaving with you THEIR words about why every student deserves digital access.

It would be AMAZING if you would share this post with your edtech friends and beyond. The students will be watching the blog stats to see what countries are represented in their readership as well as number of page views.  Their words matter!  Comments are welcome below! If you share on Twitter, please use our classroom hashtag #SMSDigLit. Thanks!

These are actual words from my sixth grade students.

"Digital access is the starting point of digital citizenship. We can't even begin to be digital citizens if we don't have access." -Rachel

"Learning about today's technology helps us learn how to problem solve so we can use technology we don't even know about in the future." -Aubrey

"Kids need to know what's going on in the world around them." -Shania

"We should have access so we can do projects that include our own passions and talents." -Halo

"If you don't have access, you may not be able to get help in an emergency." -Jackie

"They should have the right to choose when they are adults if they want technology." -Cameron D.

"You need to be able to communicate with your friends on projects." -Mason

"Learning doesn't have to stop when we have snow days." -Cameron R.

"Digital access means we never have a reason to be bored." -Haylie

"Digital access lets us grow as digital citizens." -Jazzy

"Digital access helps us communicate with friends, family, and other loved ones." -Hunter

"It makes learning a lot more fun and meaningful." -Devin

"Digital access is environmentally friendly." -Logan

"Digital access allows me to communicate directly and privately with my teacher." -Aidan

"I can communicate with people around the world." -Brianna

Thanks for reading!  Why do YOU believe all students deserve digital access?

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